From the AZCCC Treasurer’s Notebook
Back in 2008, a certain Chevelle Restoration Expert decided to pass the torch for the Arizona Classic Chevelle Club Treasurer’s position.  Lacking anyone jumping into the void, I decided to take the reins and hoped I could handle the job.  Seven plus years later, I am still plying the numbers to ensure our Club remains solvent, while providing a few benefits to its members in return for their continued support.  It’s been a great experience and I enjoy being a part of the Club despite the fact I sold my 1976 El Camino 5 years ago and am now “car less”.  Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to skim enough from the Treasury to purchase a replacement.  Kidding aside, I enjoy being a member of our Club and monitoring our financial status.  Of course, we can always use additional members to improve the coffers and our team of officers hopes to have a solid impact in attracting new members in 2016.  Going into 2016, our membership is at 24, nine short of 2015.  We typically have a few stragglers who pay in January or February and I look forward to hopefully beating 2008 when we had 40 members (when I first joined in 2006, I am told there were about 80 members).  Our plan for 2016 is to “spread the word” and get that membership number climbing again.  Overall, the Club’s finances have been fairly static for a number of years; I would like to see us somehow develop a stronger bottom line that would enable us to sponsor some activities in the area and thereby gain additional members.  I am ready to manage the dollars and look forward to a successful 2016.  Best Regards, Rich Zettlemoyer

P, S.  A special thanks to my son Mark for managing the finances while I was temporarily out of commission from Oct 2014 to May 2015.

Letter from the Vice-President By Don Giebelhausen
As I take up the position of Vice-President, I’d like to take this opportunity to Thank All Members for their support in electing me for the 2016 period. With this new undertaking and responsibility, I hope that I will be able to assist and support Russ our President in his continued efforts to bring awareness of the Arizona Classic Chevelle Club to others and show the same enthusiasm as he does with regards to the Club and this hobby. The Club offers a myriad of show listings, events, and gatherings to its members. Some members partake of them all; others may only utilize one or two. That too is a service we provide; the means by which our members can chose how involved they become. However we always need involved members and encourage your participation and support for the success and growth of our organization. Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting and car show

Letter from the Secretary By Bob Crandall
I am honored to have been nominated and selected to be your new club secretary. And it goes without saying that Barbara Gaston has left some large shoes to fill. I was always amazed how she was able to keep the club on track and on time to the various functions throughout the year. So now all that will be up to me and I welcome any and all suggestions you have on how I might improve. We local Arizona car enthusiasts are blessed in the month of January with some of the best car auctions on the planet. I never miss the Barrett Jackson show and rarely miss the Russo Steel event either. It would be great to get together with some of our club members and go as a group. If anyone is interested it is something we could talk about at the January 11 club meeting. Barrett Jackson’s event starts January 23 but the auction of cars doesn’t start until Tuesday Jan. 26 at 2 PM and full day auctions follow from 10 AM Wednesday Jan. 27 through Jan 31. Russo Steele auction starts January 28 through 31.

Friendly Reminder

Your 2017 Club Dues of $40.00 can be paid at the monthly meeting, see Rich Zittlemoyer or Treasurer for details.

And lastly, Please take a moment and send our Vice-President an email letting him know what you'd like to see in next months newsletter. 

 It's your Club so lets ALL get involved ! ! !              Email Don at

You can  check out - Arizonas Listing for Featured Events, Car Shows and Automotive Events

Some last 2015 shows and the start of 2016 . . . . . . .

Some Club Members attended a few of the final 2015 year shows, in December there was the final K-Mart event in which we had a nice turn out, our Annual Christmas Party, again a big success, the Run to Wickenburg "Toys for Tots" event, and to start off the 2016 year Russ and Don were part of the Fiesta Bowl Pre-Parade.  Practically every weekend, you don't have to look far to find a charitable car show event somewhere in the valley to attend.  Most of  the car shows that the Club Members attend are for a worthy cause, whether it be for a debilitating disease, the tragic loss of a loved one, or the return of an American military veteran.  We all try to do our part and know that the entry fee is just a small way to show that each and every one of us care.  If you have a special show that you feel the Club should participate in,  PLEASE bring it to out attention at one of the meetings.


JANUARY 2016 – Vol. #1

The AZCCC holds its monthly meeting on the 2nd Monday of the month at the Denny’s Restraint located on the south side of Bell Road just West of I-17 at 6:30 PM.  Please check the Club Website at under the tab “Calendar” for information on upcoming show and events.

Letter from the President By Russ Warnstedt
Now that the New Year Celebration has come to an end, we have a lot to look forward to this coming year. The Club has two new Officers’ that have volunteered, Don Giebelhausen will be our new Vice-President and Bob Crandall will be our new Secretary. I want to Thank Barbara Gaston for all her work over the past six years, she has been a valuable asset to the Club in all that she has done, and would also like to Thank Leslie for her efforts during her tenure. As President, I’m always looking for new ideas as well as possible shows and other venues that I may not be aware of, so please feel free to bring up any new ideas at out monthly meeting so that we can expand and develop new interest in the Club as well as amongst our members. 

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